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  PCPL, one of India's leading direct selling
companies, expects to acquire 300 acres
of land at the commercial Project of India.
This would be the company's first
residential cum commercial real estate
project in Lucknow.
  From planning to financing to execution we
have a history of improving project results.
Our team is highly qualified through
experience and education.
The PCPL team is totally focused on
improving our client's results. 
Poornagiri CONSUMER PROJECTS LIMITED is India's online commercial & residential premium real estate Company, connecting property owners and brokers to tenants and investors. PCPL offers products and services catering to the national and local needs of the Indian real estate industry. We specialize in all commercial and Residential real property categories including office space, Shops, commercial land, industrial property, House, Apartments, Villas and businesses for sale, rent and lease. We also feature premier real estate directory in India for real estate agents, property dealers, builders and potential buyers of Indian property globally.

PCPL helps to search property in India, buy and sell Indian property and also find useful information & resources to help you take wise and an informed decision about real estate in India. Thanks to the Government approval of 100% FDI in India real estate development and steady capital market, some all time big investments are being made in the real estate sector. Buyers from all across the world are showing interest and Indian property now features at the top of the list of the international real estate investors.
Our New Sister Concern

Poornagiri Advisory &
Consultancy Limited
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